All disasters begin and end at the local level with the local population having to take the necessary steps to recovery.

An estimated 80% of disaster DO NOT receive a major disaster declaration from the Federal Government.

This means the entire disaster rests solely on the local population.

For DeKalb County to even qualify to request assistance there must be $255,005.10 in uninsured losses within the county.

This includes, infrastructures like roads, bridges, electric systems, water systems, sewer systems, telecommunication systems, natural and propane gas systems along with other government and non-profit losses; in addition to uninsured homes, businesses, and other properties.  There are requirements for different types of assistance from the federal government when and if a major disaster declaration is received.  (see links below)

Even if DeKalb County experiences well over the $255,005.10 uninsured losses, this does not necessarily guarantee a major disaster declaration.

The State of Alabama also has a disaster threshold required to qualify for federal disaster assistance.

The State of Alabama must have $6,899,130.00 in uninsured losses to even request a federal major disaster declaration.

These "thresholds" are rarely met in limited severe weather or other disaster related events.

The bulk of major disaster declarations come from large scale regional disasters.

For instance, a major Category 4 or 5 hurricane impacting the State of Alabama at the Gulf of Mexico and traveling throughout the state would most likely cause damages in excess of the near seven million dollars of uninsured losses required for a declaration.

In comparison, a single severe storm episode may cause limited damages in some areas and more catastrophic damages in others, and would likely not trigger a major disaster declaration.

This is why disaster preparedness is important for all.

This is why volunteers are important, so get involved with a local volunteer organization near you.